ADHD Herbal Supplements: The Most Natural Way to Treat ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common mental disorders prevalent in children.  In fact some have hypothesized that as many as 3-11% of children suffer from this disorder.  Although the causes are not completely known we do know that it is a chemical disorder that leads to an inability for children to concentrate, where they cannot block out even the smallest stimuli and can lead to problems sleeping, learning, eating, etc.

Treating With ADHD Herbal Supplements

While the best known treatments for ADHD are chemical drugs such as Ritalin, there are many herbal supplements on the market designed to help fight against ADHD.  The use of chemicals to treat ADHD is often very controversial, and the side effects over their use is still not completely known.  Combine this with fears of over-medication and improper diagnosis of disorders and you can see why many parents are shying away from these sorts of treatments.

In fact, there are many herbs that can help to fight against ADHD.  One of the untold stories of ADHD is the fact that much of its cause is due to food additives and sugar found in so many products today.  Reducing additives and sugar in the diet along with the use of ADHD herbal supplements can be a much safer and more natural way to treat this disorder.

What Is In ADHD Herbal Supplements?

Different herbs are going to be used in different herbal supplements for treating ADHD.  However, there are some basic elements that tie these various herbal supplements together.  They will often contain herbs that are known for helping against sleep disorders, as these can help to calm the mind as well as leading to healthy sleep, important in fighting against ADHD.

ADHD herbal supplements often include agents such as kava kava, or antixiolytics.  These are agents that fight against anxiety, which shares some similarities with ADHD in children.  While there have not been conclusive studies or many rigorous clinical trials, many people have found success with these sorts of ADHD herbal supplements.

When it comes to fighting ADHD, however, proper nutrition and exercise might be the best way to fight it.  While help from natural ADHD herbal supplements can be a good thing, one should first look at simpler ways to try to improve your child's mental health.

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