The Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins You Are Not Aware Of

Prenatal Nutrition And Health

One of the most important effects of prenatal vitamins on the growth of the baby is folic acid, which helps fight against neural tube defects and defects in the spine.  This is well known.  However, studies have also shown that prenatal vitamins can also aid in health overall.  In fact, some even take prenatal vitamins outside of pregnancy in order to experience these added health benefits.

The Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are specifically designed to increase the health and well-being of both mother and child during pregnancy.  We generally focus on the benefits to the development of the health of the child when we consider the use of prenatal vitamins.  In fact some recent studies have backed up claims of benefits of prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.  One study showed that mothers who used prenatal vitamins had 33% less chance of their children being born with birth defects of all shapes and sizes, not just neural tube disorders that are most commonly spoken about.

Other studies have shown that among the benefits of prenatal vitamins might be a reduction in the risk of miscarriage.  Most important here is Vitamin B12, which taken in proper amounts within prenatal vitamins might actually reduce the risk of miscarriage.  This is a benefit that has not been conclusively studied, however.

Other Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

There are other benefits that have been found with the use of prenatal vitamins.  Many people find that they have much more energy when taking prenatal vitamins.  This could be because of the extra iron included in prenatal vitamins, which is known to fight fatigue and help with feelings of energy, combined with the other nutritional supplements to be found within prenatal vitamins.

Many believe that the use of prenatal vitamins also leads to increased hair growth.  This is one of the most commonly touted benefits of prenatal vitamins.  Using prenatal vitamins causes your hair to grow thicker, fuller, and longer faster, making for healthier, shinier, longer hair in a shorter period of time.

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