How to Choose the Best Antioxidants For You

A Wide Variety of Antioxidants

There is more than one type of antioxidant.  In fact there are hundreds, thousands of varieties of antioxidants out there.  We know how important antioxidants are for us and the many health benefits that they have, but with so many different antioxidants that work in different ways how are we to know which are the best antioxidants for us?

The Best Antioxidants Come From Our Diet

It is important to remember that the best antioxidants for us are the ones that we get from our diet.  After all, we were originally designed to take in antioxidants from the food that we eat.  50,000 years ago we did not have pharmacies and health food stores to go to and buy supplements to provide us with antioxidants.

So where do we find the best antioxidants?  Many studies have been done on what are the best foods to get antioxidants from.  At the top of the list are a wide variety of beans and berries, including red beans, kidney beans, blueberries, strawberries, etc.

Unfortunately we are not always able to get all of the antioxidants that we need from our diet.  Supplementation is often a good thing, depending on how easily we are able to fit antioxidants into our diet.  But this opens up a whole new kettle of fish in looking for the best antioxidants.

Choosing the Best Antioxidant Supplements

So, what are the best antioxidants for us?  There are a wide variety of antioxidants we should look for, but Dr. Lester Parker, one of the foremost leaders in the field of antioxidant research, has developed a list of the 5 best antioxidants, what he labels the “Antioxidant Network.”

These best antioxidants that make up the Antioxidant Network are: Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Glutathione and Coenzyme Q10 (Better known as Co Q10).  While these are far from the only important antioxidants out there, these are, according to the work of Dr. Parker, the most imprtant.

However it is also important to note that we need many different types of antioxidants in our bodies.  Different antioxidants work in different ways and in different parts of our bodies, and variety is important.  Taking a supplement of just one type of antioxidant, while not bad, does not give us the complete protection from antioxidants that we require.

The best antioxidant supplements, then, are ones that include a wide variety of different antioxidants.  Not only is variety important, but many antioxidants work better when they are combined with other antioxidants, making for supplements that are greater than the sum of their parts.

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