Looking For The Best Prenatal Vitamins You Can Buy?

Nutrition and Your Baby's Health

When you're pregnant your eating for two, and there are many vitamins and nutrients that you are going to need a lot more of than you do normally.  The most important of these vitamins are folic acid, iron and calcium, the three vitamins and nutrients you are going to find in the best prenatal vitamins.  So if these prenatal vitamins all have the same main ingredients, how do you decide on the best?

Finding the Best Prenatal Vitamins For You

In the world of nutrition, especially when it is as important as your nutrition during your pregnancy, it is hard to find a one-size-fits-all definition for the best.  The best prenatal vitamins for one person might not be the best prenatal vitamins for another.

For example, if you have a family history of the disease spina bifeda, a disease affecting the development of the spinal column, you're doctor will most likely prescribe for you an extremely high folate pill (including up to 4 mg of folic acid, 4 times the normal strength for prescription prenatal vitamins).  This is very important in lowering the risk of your baby being affected by spina bifeda.  However for the average woman, this is not the best prenatal vitamin, in fact it might even be a bad prenatal vitamin for them.

Some women believe, in fact, that prescription prenatal vitamins are by default the best prenatal vitamins.  After all, if you need a prescription to get them they must be better.  However, the primary difference between prescription and over the counter is strength more than anything, and for most women over the counter prenatal vitamins work just fine.

Ask Your Doctor About Best Prenatal Vitamins

The best solution to finding the best prenatal vitamins is to talk to your doctor.  Your doctor will be able to inform you if you have any specific risk factors to take into consideration when choosing a prenatal vitamin.  Your doctor will also be able to inform you of what to avoid, if there are potential conflicts between vitamins and medications you are already taking.

For most women, you will find that you have no special risk factors, so your options are going to seem more open.  How, then, do you choose the best prenatal vitamins?  Some of it is up to you.  You might think that natural prenatal vitamins will be better for your baby than the sort of chemical vitamins that are made in a lab.

This, however, is not always the case.  Herbal and natural prenatal vitamins are generally classified as foods, so they are not under the jurisdiction of FDA standards.  In fact they can often fall below normal standards for vitamins, despite the fact they are natural. 

Natural sources might seem better, but it all depends on where the source is coming from.  What if the sources are polluted?  What if there are other things getting in there with the vitamins?  You know what is in chemically derived vitamins, and they are often purer than natural prenatal vitammins.

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