Bilberries: Protecting Your Body Cells From Damage

Antioxidants And Your Cells

One of the greatest problems facing people today is the overproduction of what are known as free radicals.  These are unstable molecules that are produced by the body during the process of cellular respiration.  In the proper quantities, free radicals are good things, however get too many and problems can ensue, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  Bilberries, related to blueberries, contain antioxidants which fight against free radicals.

Protecting Your Body Cells With Bilberries

The problem with free radicals is their unstable nature.  Unlike most molecules, free radicals contain one less electron than they should.  This gives them a positive charge and makes them unbalanced.  Molecules want nothing more than to be balanced, thus these free radicals go looking for an electron to balance themselves.  This can sometimes start chain reactions which are very hazardous to the body.

Bilberries, one of the lesser known members of the family of berries, contain strong antioxidants known as anthocyanidin flavonoids.  Like all antioxidants, the anthocyanidin flavonoids found in bilberries can assist in the fight against free radicals, keeping our body cells safe from the damage caused by these unstable molecules.

The key to keeping our body cells safe is a proper balance between free radicals and antioxidants.  Having a diet rich in foods like bilberries can restore this balance, giving us more antioxidants to fight these dangerous free radicals.

Other Health Benefits of Bilberries

Besides the anthocyanidin flavonoids contained in bilberries serving as antioxidants, there are a number of other health benefits to be gained from eating bilberries and using bilberry extract supplements.  These mostly relate to the areas of vision and our eyes.

Traditional uses of bilberries have been in the strengthening of night vision.  A story in fact is told of an RAF pilot who did just this during World War II.  Some studies have also shown that bilberries can help in fighting macular degeneration, the degradation of the macula tissue found in the retina of the eye.

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