How Do You Know When You Need to Buy Vitamin K?

Vitamin K is probably one of the few vitamins that people know next to nothing about.  It may sound familiar, but the average person on the street probably couldn’t tell you what vitamin K does in the body or why it is important to maintain a healthy level of the vitamin in the body.  Vitamin K may only have a few uses in the body, but it is still vitally important.  The most important function of vitamin K is in the way it helps with the coagulation and anticoagulation of blood.  People who lack enough vitamin K and do nothing about it are playing a potentially deadly game with themselves and their bodies.  Vitamin K occurs naturally in leafy greens, cauliflower and liver.  People with blood disorders that do not get enough natural vitamin K need to make sure that they are taking a regular supplement.

Do You Really Need to Buy Vitamin K?

Vitamin K is one of those vitamins that is easily overlooked, so sometimes it is hard to justify the need to buy vitamin K at all.  Surely something that you don’t really even know what it does can’t be that important to the body, right?  All you really need is whatever vitamin K you get naturally, you do not have to buy vitamin K, right?  Well, that depends a lot on your blood.

Vitamin K and Your Blood

Vitamin K is actually a very important part of the human body and a vitamin that you need to make sure you keep in your body at the proper level.  When you buy vitamin K, you are helping to regulate both coagulation and anticoagulation.  If you do not have enough vitamin K, you will most likely have some sort of bleeding disorder.

Buy Vitamin K if You Can’t Get Enough Naturally

Vitamin K is found naturally in foods such as leafy greens, cauliflower, and liver. Once inside the body, vitamin K is created by naturally occurring bacteria in the large intestine.  If you do not eat enough green leafy vegetables, you may need to buy vitamin K supplements.  Because vitamin K also aids in the strength of bones, it is important to take a vitamin K supplement if you do not feel you are getting enough vitamin K naturally.

Buy Vitamin K Before a Deficiency Appears

The serious problems that come with a vitamin K deficiency mean that any deficiency needs to be treated immediately.  Because people with a vitamin K deficiency are more like to hemorrhage and bleed uncontrollably, and untreated vitamin K deficiency can lead to serious medical worries, even death.  Other problems with the liver and bones are associated with a vitamin K deficiency, so buy vitamin K at the first sign of a problem, after a consultation with your doctor, of course.

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