Where Can You Buy Vitamin Water

Vitamin water isn’t all that new, it’s just finally making a splash (no pun intended).  Vitamin water is water that is infused with vitamins to help people get the RDA without having to add another serving of fruits or veggies to an already full plate. A person can find vitamin waters almost anywhere water is sold.  From grocery stores to gas stations, vitamin water is everywhere.  There are benefits to buying vitamin water at places like health food stores, where the employees are generally a little more knowledgeable about the product.  There will be, however, an added cost of purchasing vitamin water at a health food store as they tend to be a little more expensive.  You can get cheaper vitamin water at a local discount store, but you should know what you want before you go in as their employees may not know the benefits and differences between brands.  Buying online is also a good option!

What’s All the Fuss about Vitamin Water?

Vitamin water may seem like one of the newest things on the market, but that could juts be because you haven’t been looking very hard.  While vitamin water is available almost everywhere you shop these days, there are still some places that are better than others when it comes to buying vitamin water.

Health Food Stores and Vitamin Water

Health food stores and other specialty stores certainly carry all sorts of vitamin water.  Whether it is an independent brand or something more well-known, vitamin water will be there.  Examples of these types of stores include GNC, and The Vitamin Shoppe, as well as any sort of local stores.  To find the nearest health food store to you, just open up your phonebook.  There will probably be several listed.  While the people who work and operate these specialty stores may be more likely to know abut the product, you will pay higher prices than at our next option.

Discount Stores and Vitamin Water

Discount stores such as Target, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart all carry some sort of vitamin water.  It is usually located in either the health section or in the foods, near other waters.  Chances are you kind find vitamin water cheaper at these stores, but if you have any questions, it will be hard to find someone who knows much about the product.  However, if you find vitamin water at one of these stores that you like, it will probably be there when you go back.  What you gain in convenience and price you lose in personal knowledge, so the choice is up to you.

Vitamin Water Online

Savvy internet shoppers can probably find the vitamin water they want and need at a hundred different website.  Being able to peruse the merchandise, do online research, and compare prices at several stores at the same time makes buying vitamin water online desirable and convenient for many people.  You can order when you want, have it delivered to wherever you live, and never have to talk to a real person.  Use caution online, though.  You want to choose an online vitamin water supplier that has a good reputation and competitive prices.  You will also come across a lot of scams online, so make sure you know exactly who you are giving your credit card information to before you read the first number or you may be paying for a lot more than just vitamin water.

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