Knowing the Importance of Carnosine and What It Does For Your Body

Reaching For Longevity

The fight against aging is something that many people in our country and our world think about.  When we think of anti-aging products, however, we generally think of skin-care.  The basis of the aging process cannot be found on the skin, however, but inside our bodies.  This is part of what makes Carnosine so amazing: it works to fight the effects of aging from within our cells.

What is Carnosine?

To put it simply, Carnosine is a combination of two amino acids: alanine and histidine.  Its role in the body is still not fully understood, however it is located in high concentrations in many parts of your body.  The most important concentrations can be found in skeletal muscle and the brain.  Like so many things that play important roles in the workings of our bodies, concentrations of Carnosine in the body decrease as we age.

What Does Carnosine Do?

While we do not fully understand in full Carnosine's natural function in the body, modern medical science has been able to determine a number of properties of Carnosine, including properties that might lead to the most astounding anti-aging treatments yet known to man.

Most basically, Carnosine works as an antioxidant.  We well understand the properties of antioxidants and its important role in fighting against the over-development of free radicals in the body.  Studies have shown that Carnosine, when combined with another antioxidant Vitamin E, produces optimum effect in protecting our cells from free radicals.

Carnosine also has the capability to chelate toxic metals.  Essentially the Carnosine attacks these traces of toxic metals (chelate originates from the Greek word “to claw”) so that they might be expelled from the body.  This helps to protect our cells and boost our immune system.

Carnosine and Glycosylation

For those of us really interested in the anti-aging possibilities of Carnosine, it is time to take a moment to look at a process known as glycosylation.  This is a process whereby important proteins within your system are destroyed by sugar molecules.  While sugar is important to the running of our cells and our bodies, when there are too many sugars combined abnormally with proteins, we can find the sugars actually destroying the proteins, which we call glycosylation.

While we have only recently begun to understand just what glycosylation does, we do know that it can be very dangerous to the body.  Some have theorized that glycosylation is one of the important contributing factors leading to cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, even skin diseases as we age. 

Carnosine prevents the occurrence of glycosylation.  This is very beneficial to our bodies and could help slow down the onslaught of aging.  It is one of the most potent anti-aging powers that the Carnosine amino acid has.

Scientists have also found in laboratory tests that Carnosine can extend the life of individual cells.  Studying their effect on human fibrolast cells, they found that Carnosine extended the life of these cells by 20%.  Animals who have high levels of Carnosine appear to live longer than those who don't.

While we still don't know everything there is to know about Carnosine, it could prove to be one of the most important elements of our health and the key to fighting the aging process in the future. 

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