Chamomile and its Side Effects

Chamomile is an herbal supplement that has become very popular with those who love seeking out alternative drug treatments.  It has been used for years by those in Eastern cultures as well as Native Americans.  Most of the time, Chamomile is used for minor illnesses such as a cold, an upset stomach, or for premenstrual symptoms. However, it can have some serious side effects.  You should really trust the brand of Chamomile supplement you are using and talk with your pharmacist about drug interactions. Take a look at the dangerous side effects you should watch out for and if you are even a candidate for taking this type of herbal supplement.

Dangerous Side Effects

Like anything else that has not been approved by the FDA, Chamomile has more risk for those who take it.  After all, there are no studies needed to sell it and even the experts are unsure about the possible after-effects.    Usually, those who use it will not have any side effects at all.  However, sometimes there will be dangerous side effects. If you are swelling, dizzy, have trouble breathing, have a rash, or anything else unusual, you need to see a doctor right away.

Who Shouldn’t Take Chamomile?

There are a few people that shouldn’t take Chamomile at all, for fear of negative side effects. If you have allergies, you should avoid taking this herb.  Those who are allergic to ragweed should certainly stay away.  In addition, those who are diabetic should be aware that some supplements with chamomile in them with have large amounts of sugar or alcohol.  Those with liver disease should also stay away.  Lastly, those who are breast feeding should not use Chamomile products.  If you are currently on medications, you should talk with your doctor and pharmacist about taking herbal supplements like Chamomile with your medications.  Often times you can experience horrible side effects from drug interactions.

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