Chaste Tree Berry: Helping Women with Menopause Symptoms

Chaste tree berry is a dietary supplement that could greatly benefit women’s health, regardless of age.  Known by many different names, chaste tree berry interacts with several different chemicals in the body, most notably dopamine, estrogen, and progesterone.  These interactions have been shown to alleviate some of the biggest symptoms of menopause, as well as painful PMS and period symptoms that affect the majority of women in the world.  While there are risks with taking chaste tree berry supplements, the benefits are large.  Consult a physician and then being a chaste tree regimen yourself. (ADD)

What is Chaste Tree Berry?

Many people are more familiar with other names by which Chaste Tree Berry is known.  Among those other names are Agnus Castus, Chasteberry, Cloister Pepper, Monk's Berry, Monk's Pepper, Vitex, Vitex agnus-castus.  This herbal supplement is best known for the way it affects dopamine levels.  Found mostly in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, the chaste tree berry has most recently been used as an important component of any herbal regiment for female reproductive ailments.

Chaste Tree Berry and Menopause

The biggest way that chaste tree berries can make a difference for menopause sufferers is largely unknown.  First of all, the chaste tree berry works by latching on to dopamine receptors, which causes more of the chemical to stay in the blood stream longer.  It is believed that the way at chaste tree berry interacts with dopamine also leads to a change in the balance of estrogen and progesterone in women.  Because both estrogen and progesterone affect the way that menopause symptoms are manifested in women, chaste tree berry supplements have the potential to relieve hot flashes; Chaste tree berry can also help alleviate vaginal dryness, a highly uncomfortable symptom of menopause that often gets overlooked.

Chaste Tree Berry & Other Women’s Issues

In addition to helping alleviate some of the main symptoms of menopause, the chaste tree berry is also being prescribed more and more often for other common problems in women.  The chaste tree berry is an important part of herbal supplements that women take to relieve PMS symptoms and the painful side of the menstrual cycle.  Some studies also indicate the chaste tree berry can help the body generate prolactin, a chemical that is necessary to allow pregnant women to produce milk for their new baby.

Chaste Tree Berry Side Effects

No herbal supplement should be used without first consulting a registered physician.  Chaste tree berry is no exception.  Although chaste tree berry can be purchased over-the-counter, there are some very real side effects that any woman should be aware of, including:  fast heartbeats, hair loss, bleeding between menstrual periods, dry mouth, headache, itching, nausea and a rash.  If you develop any symptoms while taking chaste tree berry supplements, discontinue their use and contact your physician.
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