Are Chewable Prenatal Vitamins Just As Good?

Chewing Versus Swallowing

Chewable vitamins have long been available for children.  Children often have a difficult time swallowing vitamins, and so chewable vitamins were created to be more tolerable.  In recent years chewable prenatal vitamins have also become available for women who are expecting.  Prenatal vitamins are very important, and many mothers to be wonder: are chewable vitamins as good as the traditional tablets?

Chewable Prenatal Vitamins Are Just As Good

The simple answer to the question is this: yes, chewable prenatal vitamins are just as good as the traditional tablets.  While there are certainly differences in how we ingest the vitamins and nutrients from chewable prenatal vitamins than we would in pills that we would swallow, that does not mean that the chewable versions are not giving us the same nutrients that we need.

Most importantly, chewable prenatal vitamins assist pregnant women in getting the folic acid they require.  Folic acid, particularly in the first trimester, is very important to the health, well-being and proper development of the fetus.  Some physicians in fact only recommend taking supplements during the first trimester, although most recommend taking supplements throughout the pregnancy.

Why Use Chewable Prenatal Vitamins?

While understanding the need for proper supplementation, many women find, especially in their first trimester when supplementation is the most vital, that they cannot take traditional vitamins.  They cannot swallow them, and if they do they often vomit the pills back up.

This is not a good situation.  For one thing, if you are vomiting the pills back up that means that you and your baby are not getting the nutritional value that you require from the supplementation.  Vomiting could also cause you to lose other nutrients that have not yet properly digested, which can lead to even more problems. 

While it can sometimes be difficult to swallow prenatal vitamins, chewable prenatal vitamins have been created to be easier for women to take.  They often have more flavor and because they are chewable they are much easier for you to swallow, rather than having to swallow an entire large tablet.  Studies have shown that chewable prenatal vitamins are just as effective at giving you the vitamins and nutrients you need during your pregnancy.  Even if they weren't, if they were the only vitamins you could take they are still better than taking nothing.  If you are having trouble swallowing, chewable prenatal vitamins are highly recommended.

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