The Correct Way To Use Chinese Herbal Supplements

East Meets West

There is a general trend in alternative health to look at all that has developed in Chinese herbal culture over the past few thousand years.  More than perhaps any other society on Earth China has the richest and most rewarded system of herbal remedies available. 

This is not to say that Chinese herbs are necessarily better than herbs found other places, but their deep understanding of these herbs often far surpasses that found in other cultures.  Chinese herbal supplements have become very popular in the west, especially in the United States.

Using Chinese Herbal Supplements Correctly

To understand the benefits of Chinese herbal supplements, however, we must understand that there are differences between Chines and western traditions in all things medicine, even in herbal remedies.  This difference comes into play throughout the treatment process, including the determination of what herbal remedies will work best in which situations.

In the west it is our tendency, even when looking at Chinese herbal supplements, to look at basic symptoms and which specific herbs or medicines fight these symptoms.  This would seem like basic common sense, at least to the western mind.  Target the symptom.  Identify what will cure the symptom.  Apply the cure.

This goes completely against the tradition of Chinese medical practice, however.  If you are going to use Chinese herbal supplements properly, you should understand how the Chinese herbologists look at diagnosis and treatment.  They do not just look for symptoms, they examine the whole person.

Signals, Sensations and Chinese Herbal Supplements

When examining a patient, a Chinese herbologist will not just look at basic symptoms, but try to get an overall sense of how the patient is feeling: everything that he feels, senses, etc., and examine these other signals which point to the root of the problem.  The same symptoms can often arise from a variety of different causes which will react differently in the patient.  Examining these sensations and understanding how to read these signals is vital in the correct use of Chinese herbal supplements.

If you are looking to use Chinese herbal supplements correctly, you should first look for Chinese supplements whose documentation follows traditional Chinese patterns, rather than those that fall into standardized Western norms. 

This will help you to understand the Chinese method of applying herbs to various needs in your body.  We must put ourselves out of our traditional mindsets and open ourselves to a completely different way at looking at health and the use of Chinese herbal supplements.

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