Citracal Prenatal Vitamins: Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin You Trust

Understanding Prenatal Nutrition Needs

Your nutrition needs will never be stronger than during your pregnancy.  You require nutrients for two now, and making sure you are healthy is vital to ensuring the healthy development of your child.  While generally your baby will have little trouble getting the nutrients it needs, you should ensure that you are getting enough folic acid, iron and calcium during your pregnancy. 

These are three vital elements and ones that can be difficult to control during your pregnancy.  For this reason many women are turning to Citracal prenatal vitamins, a prenatal vitamin they can trust.

What Makes Citracal Prenatal Vitamins Unique

There is an unsung truth about prenatal vitamins: Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal.  Even if prenatal vitamins are claiming to all have similar amounts of the same nutrients that you need, that doesn't mean that your body is really absorbing these nutrients.  And what is the point of a prenatal vitamin if your body is not getting nutrients it needs from it?

This is what makes Citracal prenatal vitamins unique.  Citracal prenatal vitamins are especially designed to help you get the most out of the vitamins you are taking.  This begins with their patented Citracal Ultradense calcium citrate, designed to make for the best in absorption rates to let you actually use the calcium you are getting.

Beyond this, Citracal prenatal vitamins also utilize a dual iron compound that helps give you your iron requirements while boosting iron absorption rates.  Citracal understands that your body needs to be able to absorb the iron you are intaking, and has designed their prenatal vitamins specifically for this purpose.  So to with their folic acid requirements.

Aside from folic acid, iron and calcium, the three most important nutrients you will find in prenatal vitamins, Citracal also serves as a general multivitamin, giving your body the basic nutrition that it needs to remain healthy during this very important time during both yours and your child's life.

When it comes to your prenatal nutrition, you want a prenatal vitamin you can trust.  Citracal prenatal vitamins have been prescribed by doctors for years, and it remains one of the leading brands in the field.  Citracal is a name you can trust when it comes to your pregnancy.

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