Cordyceps: How Mushrooms Are Used for Energy Boosters

Are you tired of being tired?  Most people suffer from exhaustion these days.  Too much to do and not enough time to do it makes it harder than ever to recharge.  Cordyceps may be able to help you out in ways you would never imagine.  Cordyceps are a mushroom, but not just any mushroom.  Some people believe that they are one of the most powerful herbs in the world.  Known to increase energy levels and boost the sex drive, cordyceps have also been known to help asthma sufferers and make athletes perform better.  The mushroom is actually a fungus that grows in the colder mountain regions of Asia, but it is also being grown on soybeans and other natural sources.  First discovered by the Chinese, cordyceps increased the energy of sheep.  Their natural power has been harnessed for use by humans, as well.

The World of Cordyceps

If you are like most people, you are running low on energy as you read this.  Chances are you’ve tried everything and still feel like you’re not going to make it until the end of the day.  Cordyceps may be just what you need to find that energy boost.  Cordyceps are mushrooms that may be one of the most powerful herbs in the world.  The true potency and power of cordyceps in still undetermined as most of the research being done is done outside of the United States. 

What Is Known about Cordyceps?

While there are many unknown factors, they are no longer a complete mystery. Two of the most important chemicals in cordyceps have the potential to increase lung function, increase energy levels, and boost the sex drive.  The compounds found in cordyceps have also been shown to alleviate asthma attacks and difficulties and improve the performance of many athletes.  It seems like every day the list of possible benefits of adding cordyceps to a diet regimen grows. 

Where Can We Find Cordyceps?

The science of what makes the cordyceps mushroom so beneficial is still being discovered.  Instead of being just another mushroom, the cordyceps mushroom is actually a parasite that grows on, among other things, the caterpillars that live in China, Nepal, and Tibet.  However, most of the cordyceps that are used in modern medicine are grown on more natural sources such as soybeans.

How Can Cordyceps Boost Energy?

The Chinese have long believed that cordyceps may be the herbal cure-all that they had always known existed.  After watching how cordyceps improved the life and health of sheep that grazed on the mushroom, the Chinese began using cordyceps in their herbal remedies for humans.  While it is not known exactly what it is about cordyceps that make them work, two of the main compounds, corycepin (deoxyadenosine) and cordycepic acid (mannitol) is believed to carry the most punch.  Because there is so much that is unknown about cordyceps still, it is important to consult a doctor before you add them to your diet.
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