Your Guide For Choosing a Discount Liquid Vitamin

Liquid vitamins typically are absorbed by the body quicker than capsules or tablets, because your stomach and intestines don't have to do as much work to break them down. Some manufacturers claim liquid vitamins are better absorbed than pills, but this has proven controversial. According to the Mayo Clinic, both solid and liquid vitamins work and one isn’t better than the other. But if you’re giving vitamins to young children, have trouble swallowing or simply don’t like swallowing pills, liquid vitamins might be a good choice for you. In any case, liquid vitamins are increasingly popular. You can find brand-name liquid vitamins and discount store-brands at merchants near your home or online.

Picking The Product

As with buying vitamins in pill form, you need to shop around to find discount liquid vitamins. They can be quite pricey, costing up to $50 monthly. For example, an eight-ounce supply of Centrum Multivitamin & Multimineral was found at one discount online store for $7.99 plus shipping. Since the dose is a tablespoon daily, that’s only a 16-day supply. When you know what brand or type of vitamin you want, check for sales and coupons at local stores and online. With online purchases, remember that shipping and handling charges add to the final cost of the product. When shipping is considered, it could cost less to buy the product you want on sale at a store near your home. If you don’t want to buy a more costly name-brand liquid vitamin, Consumer Reports has found that cheaper store brands are just as reliable but that super-cheap brands that you might find in dollar stores don’t necessarily have the vitamins listed on their labels. Unless you have special health needs, most experts recommend a basic multivitamin with minerals that doesn’t have “super-sized” quantities of any one vitamin or mineral. Super-sized doses of some vitamins could hurt your health. For example, massive doses of vitamin C could give you diarrhea. Mega-doses of vitamin D could raise blood levels of calcium, which could lead to heart damage.

If You Buy Online

If you decide to scour the Internet for discount liquid vitamins, it might be best to use a site that lists various merchants, such as Yahoo! Shopping or the BizRate shopping search. The Yahoo site shows customer rankings of and comments about online discounters and will let you do side-by-side comparisons of products. BizRate also shows customer rankings and comments. Online merchants may offer information about the various products to help you decide which one to choose.

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