Discount Vitamin Coupons: Help You Save Money On Your Vitamins

As you search for discount vitamins, don’t forget to clip the coupons. Many chain vitamin stores offer coupons and some will email customers with coupons or special offers. Stores or drugstores in your area probably offer coupons in mailed advertisements and may also place them in area newspapers. If you prefer to shop for discount vitamins online, look for stores that offer coupons. Internet sites where customers can rank and give comments about stores where they have purchased vitamins may also list whether an online merchant accepts coupons. One such site is Internet StoreList. There are other Internet sites where customers rank and give feedback about discount vitamin stores, but they may not show if a listed merchant takes coupons. Two such sites are the Yahoo! Shopping search engine and BizRate shopping search. 

A Sampling of Online Coupons

One online store that sells discount vitamins, and also is highly ranked by customers, is, a diabetic and medical supply store. Its other products range from diabetic socks to ostomy supplies and baby care products. It sells both name brands and generic vitamins. This store offers instant coupons that you can use to make online purchases.
Online discount vitamin store Epic4Health also posts instant coupons on its website. Discount vitamin vendor AllStarHealth doesn’t offer coupons, but it does offer to beat any lower advertised price that customers can find. Discount vitamin merchants vitacost and drugstore don’t offer coupons on their website, although both have sections for sales. GNC Inc. doesn’t list coupons on its website, but may advertise coupons for its brick and mortar stores.

Consider More Than Coupons

After you find your coupons, don’t buy discount vitamins until you’ve finished your homework. Whether or not you have a coupon, you can’t judge if a purchase would be a good deal unless you know its price range beforehand. Compare prices at several stores, and check if they offer coupons that can make the price even lower. Price differences can range from a few pennies to $5 or more for the same product. That’s true if you buy online or in brick and mortar stores. But if you buy online, don’t forget to look for coupons and do remember that online stores charge different amounts for shipping and handling. When you calculate the total cost of your discount vitamins, be sure to include these charges. When comparing prices,
look for sales at stores in your area as well as online. It could wind up being cheaper to buy the product you want on sale at a store near your home than at an online discount vitamin store, even with a coupon.

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