Discount Vitamin Prices: Knowing Your Prices before You Shop Can Be Beneficial

You can’t get a deal on discount vitamins if you don’t know what constitutes a good deal. It’s a good idea to shop around before you actually buy anything. First, identify which vitamin product or products you’re interested in purchasing. Do you need a standard multivitamin? Or do you want only a calcium or vitamin C supplement? Once you’ve decided what you need, check for sales at stores in your area and online. With online purchases, remember that shipping and handling charges increase the product’s final cost. It could wind up being cheaper to buy the product you want on sale at a store near your home than at an online discount vitamin store.

Price Shopping by Specific Product

Let’s compare three online stores found through the Yahoo! Shopping search engine, which lets customers rank online merchants and leave comments about their buying experience. The search was for Centrum’s Advanced Formula Chewable Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement. One online discount vitamin store offered 200 tablets for $21.84, but didn’t say up front how much shipping would cost and didn’t give an expiration date for the vitamins. The second store wanted $23.40 for the same product, and again, there was no expiration date or shipping and handling cost information given before you press the “buy” button. The third store offered the product for $19.98, with free shipping. This store gave the expiration date along with the other product information.

Price Shopping by Category

The next online sample search was for any brand of vitamin C supplements, again through Yahoo! Shopping. One online store charged $30 for 60 tablets, each with 250 milligrams of vitamin C. No shipping information or expiration date was given up front. The second store charged 7.49 for 100 tables of 1,000 mg each. No expiration date was provided but the shipping charge was $5.25. The third store wanted $12.31 plus $5 in shipping for 250 tablets of 500 mg. In this case, when shipping was included, a local drugstore brand was the cheapest.

Before You Buy

The next task on the online shopping trip, after deciding on a product and a store, is to check out how customers have rated the store. In the case of the Centrum vitamins, the store that offered the best discount had five out of five stars. Customer comments included “I would highly recommend them” and “Excellent merchant.” Comments like that could make you less nervous about making online purchases. Finally, before buying, you might want to scan your local sale advertisements and make sure you can’t pick the product up for less than the online price.

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