Discount Vitamin Store: What You Did Not Know About Discount Vitamins

Vitamin stores are not all alike. Besides different pricing, they may differ on whether they take coupons, their return and refund policies and charges for shipping and handling, if you make a telephone or Internet purchase. Stores may carry different products. Some stores may also sell books, bath products, food, or even treats for your cat or dog. Stores may sell only one brand, their own brands or a variety of name brands. Some online stores stem from brick and mortar buildings, while others do not. What you may not know is that there are several Internet sites where you can check out customers’ rankings and comments about online discount vitamin stores. These sites include BizRate shopping search, Yahoo! Shopping and Internet storelist. If you want to shop at a store you’re familiar with, vitamin-sales giants such as GNC also have online sales.


One online discount vitamin store that gets high grades from customers on the BizRate shopping search website is Epic4Health, the online store for Equivalent Pharmaceutical Industries Corp. It used only products from Tischcon Corp., an established manufacturer of dietary supplements, vitamins and over-the-counter products. This online store, which says it offers wholesale prices, has a toll free telephone number for customer service, will snail mail you a catalog and offers a one-year money back guarantee on products that cost less than $115. It also lists its shipping prices. It sells some vitamins, but mostly offers other kinds of supplements.

Harvest Moon

Another highly ranked online store is Harvest Moon Health Foods, which also has a brick and mortar store in Kansas. It sells brand-name products, such as Nature’s Way and Solaray, as well as its own name brand. It provides information on shipping prices, accepts returns within 30 days, subject to a restocking fee and offers to try to match low prices you may find at other stores. It also sells gift certificates for its store. This store also sells bath products, teas and dog treats.


Another store that also sells vitamins, and also is highly ranked by customers, is, a diabetic and medical supply store. It sells discount vitamins, as well as supplies ranging from diabetic socks to ostomy supplies and baby care products. It sells both name brands, such as Centrum, and generic vitamins, herbal products and other nutritional supplements. This store offers instant coupons and offers full refunds on unopened items returned within 30 days. After 30 days, unopened product returns are subject to a 15 percent restocking fee. The store has a toll free number for customer service and lists its shipping prices. 

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