Discount Vitamins Online Your Best Resources For Buying Discount Vitamins Online

You can find discount vitamins online, for name brand vitamins as well as generic products. But before you buy, protect yourself by doing your homework. Check out Internet sites that offer product reviews and customer satisfaction rankings for online merchants of discount vitamins. Take the time to read customers comments about their experience with the merchant before you buy anything. And do compare prices at several top ranking stores. The price different can be $5 or more for the same product, and different stores have different charges for shipping and handling. Your best bet would be stores that consistently get high marks from other customers. Three Internet sites that offer reviews of Internet vitamin stores are BizRate shopping search, Yahoo! Shopping and Internet storelist.

Do Your Homework When Buying Online

The Internet offers a vast array of stores selling vitamins and other nutritional supplements. How is a buyer to sort out the good sellers from the ones who may overcharge you for inferior products? You can protect yourself and your wallet by using online sites that offer consumer reviews and ratings as you search for discount vitamins online. Some reputable sites include BizRate shopping search, Yahoo! Shopping and Internet storelist.

Internet storelist

Internet storelist is a service of IT Netix Inc., an international media company that creates online industry portals, directories and content services. It offers web store descriptions and lists of each store’s products, with links to the stores. Consumers can rate the stores from one star to 10 stars.

Yahoo! Shopping

At Yahoo! Shopping, you can compare prices side-by-side, get product ratings and merchant ratings, refine your search by what it costs, and read consumer comments about their shopping experience at a particular Internet store. Its rankings are from one star to five stars. In addition, it allows you to report any problems with a particular merchant. As an example, a search for Centrum brand multivitamins found price differences ranging from more than $5 for the same product at different Internet discount vitamin stores. It’s a good idea to read customer comments before placing your order, although the comments can be conflicting. For example, one customer gave one store a five-star ranking. In the next customer review, the ranking was only two stars and the customer vowed to never buy at that particular store again.

BizRate shopping search

BizRate shopping search lets customers rank stores with one of three smiley faces, positive, neutral and negative and gives you the percentage of each in the past week, month and three months. It also gives an overall ranking. You can also look up more detailed rankings for discount vitamin stores, including on-time delivery, clarity of product information and how customers believe prices compare to other online merchants. Customer ratings, with any comments you might want to add, are updated daily. This search site is part of the E.W. Scripps Co.

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