How Important is Folic Acid In Your Diet?

Many people don’t understand how important folic acid is for your body.  Folic acid basically helps your body make new cells.  Not only are these cells new, but they are also healthy when fueled with folic acid.  So, it is extremely important to fuel your body correctly.  There are many foods that contain folic acid.  However, you really just need to take a daily supplement to get the folic acid you need.  Whether you are thinking of having a baby or just trying to stay healthy, folic acid is one thing you shouldn’t ignore

Folic Acid Needs

Folic acid is one of the most important things you can get from your diet.  Many things are affected by the levels of folic acid you get.  Your skin, hair, and nails are affected by folic acid.  Since folic acid helps you grow new and healthy cells, it is vital for men and women of all ages.  You can easily get your recommended dosage of folic acid in your diet each day by eating a healthy cereal at breakfast.  In addition, you can choose to take a multi-vitamin, that usually has the recommended dose of folic acid in it. 

Folic Acid and Pregnancy

One of the most important times to take folic acid is before pregnancy and during pregnancy.  Studies show that folic acid helps prevent birth defects in pregnancy.  These studies show that the consumption of folic acid is just as important before the pregnancy as it is during the pregnancy.  So, many women who are trying to get pregnant start taking prenatal vitamins before conception.  The reason it is important to take the folic acid before pregnancy is because many birth defects are decided in the first few weeks of the pregnancy.  This can be during times that women don’t even have a clue they are pregnant. In addition, folic acid helps make new cells, which is important when having a baby.

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