Ginkgo Biloba: How Much Should You Have Daily?

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most common herbal supplements on the market.  It has been said to help those who need help with their memory or those with vertigo.  The supplement is taken from the Ginkgo leaves.  However, there are some experts who still are unsure if this supplement is really that safe or not.  The studies do seem to show that ginkgo biloba does help circulation, protect against free radical cell damage, and blocks platelet aggregation.  However, there is a certain amount that you should stick to taking, if you choose to try it.  In addition, there are some side effects you should look out for.

How Much You Should Take

The amount of ginkgo biloba that you should take varies, depending on who you ask.  Some experts say you should stick closer to 40mg or 50mg a day, while others will suggest up to 200mg per day.  Since ginkgo biloba is not regulated by the FDA, there is really no rule about the dosage.  However, you should always use a brand of ginkgo biloba that you trust and use it as directed.  You can talk with your doctor and pharmacist to be sure you are within your daily limits and are not putting yourself at risk.

Things To Watch Out For

There are several side effects of gingko biloba that you should watch out for.  If you take blood thinners, aspirin, warfarin, or anti-coagulants, you should not take ginkgo biloba.  You cannot take it if you are pregnant or using MAIO drugs, either.  In addition, you should be aware that ginkgo biloba may case you gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and vomiting. In addition, headaches and dizziness are also known side effects.  Of course, these side effects are a warning that you probably should stop taking the herbal supplement.

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