The Good Effects Drinking Green Tea Has On Your Body

Wisdom From the East

There is a stereotype in the West, especially in the United States, that all that comes from the Far East is full of some sort of transcendental wisdom, far superior to anything western science has creation.  Whether it be philosophy of alternative medicines, everything from, say, China or Japan or any of the other countries of the Far East is far better in ways that western science cannot understand. 

One of the most commonly touted among these is green tea, which is supposed to be a marvel in increasing the health of those who drink it.  Western science has studied the health effects of green tea greatly, and the conclusion is this: green tea has many, many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

So what does green tea that is so great for us?  Is it really a wonder drink that can cure all of our ills?  No, not exactly.  But science has proven, as people from the Far East have known for centuries upon centuries, that there are many good effects that come from the regular drinking of green tea.  Here are some of the largest:

  • Preventing cancer.
  • Helping reduce rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Lowering cholesterol.
  • Helping fight cardiovascular disease.
  • Fighting infection.
  • Repairing impaired immune functions.

That is quite an impressive list.  And while studies in all areas are not conclusive, what we have discovered so far suggests that drinking green tea does help in all of these areas, which are also some of the areas which we are most concerned with in our modern society.

Why Green Tea is Healthy

The primary ingredient of green tea which makes it so healthy is what is known as EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).  This is an antioxidant, which reduces oxidization in cells and fights against free radicals.  EGCG has also been shown to kill cancer cells, reduce cholesterol levels as well as inhibit the formation of abnormal blood clots.

But if green tea is so healthy, why aren't other teas, especially other Chinese teas which are all made from the same plant?  The difference between green tea and, say, oolong tea or black tea is the way green tea is processed.  Oolong tea is fermented, whereas green tea is steamed, keeping the leaves from being oxidized and retaining all of the EGCG.

Secondary Benefits of Green Tea

Studies have also been done showing that green tea can be helpful in dieting.  All teas, and green tea in particular, have shown to increase metabolism, meaning that you burn more calories when you drink green tea than normally.  Other studies have shown that green tea can also kill plaque that causes tooth decay.  Finally, some skincare products using green tea extract are believed to improve the health of your skin.

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