How much vitamin C in an orange?

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The quick and easy answer to the question - how much vitamin C in an orange?

Usually about 70 mg per fruit.

Orange juice is a morning breakfast favorite. It is also one of the healthiest drinks available. Along with being an excellent source of potassium and thiamin, orange juice is high in protein and actually contains 10 times as much Vitamin C as apple juice. Drinking one eight ounce glass per day counts as one of the five needed fruit and vegetable servings per day. Couple this with the fact that orange juice also contains cancer fighting phytochemicals, and you would be smart to drink up!

What are the benefits of vitamin C?

Vitamin C has many benefits, making it a smart decision to supplement your breakfast with that glass of juice. Vitamin C aids off fighting of foreign invaders, and helps with the common cold. It has been linked to helping allergy symptoms and opening nasal passages.

There are numerous other reasons to be sure you are taking in enough Vitamin C. Here are some examples:

  • It helps your body produce collagen which helps build cartilage, joints, skin, and blood vessels.
  • It helps in neutralizing pollutants.
  • It is vital for antibody production.
  • It has natural antihistamine attributes.
  • It helps protect the fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids from the process of oxidation.

There are other speculations as to possible Vitamin C benefits. Research now shows that Vitamin C may actually:

  • Help improve the health of your bones.
  • Help your body in healing wounds.
  • Help with gum disease.
  • Offer antioxidant protection.
  • Improve lung function.
  • Maintain elderly cognition.
  • Help fight off inflammation and pain.

If you are ready to grab that glass of orange juice, proceed with caution. Not all juices are the same. Make sure to choose an option that is 100 % fruit juice. Some juices are packed with sugar that underscores the nutritional value. Choose a natural orange juice that isn't supplemented by excessive sugaring. You will get plenty of Vitamin C as well as other important nutrients designed to help your body function at its best.

So again you ask - how much vitamin C in an orange? There's plenty! Go ahead and have one, it's good for you.

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