New Years Resolutions: Take Control of your Health

This is the time for you to get a jump on good health for the rest of your life! The New Year resolution to get in shape and diet is perhaps the most frequent resolution adopted each year. You can arm yourself with tools and a winning attitude to make this year's resolution stick.

First, adopt a "can do" attitude. When you diet, you should allow yourself a day off of your diet. This way, you allow yourself to have treats, without derailing your ability to get in shape for your lifetime. It is important to recognize that eating a cookie or having a decadent dessert doesn't have to instill a feeling of failure. You can splurge a little and then get back on your diet. In fact the difference between a person who is in shape and a person who isn't is more about attitude than anything else.

Visualizing your results is a great way to increase your success when you diet. Imagine yourself in that new dress or suit. When you picture yourself being successful with your diet, you make it possible. You will enjoy better results if you believe that the end result is possible.

When you diet, your body doesn't necessarily get all of the nutrition that it needs to run at its optimum. You can balance your diet by taking vitamins and nutritional supplements. Your body is unique, so you can gear your vitamins to your specific needs by using a vitamin supplement that is specifically geared to your body's type and needs.

You will be successful in your resolution to get in shape if you combine diet and a regular exercise routine. The trick is to get moving. Just adding movement to your daily routine will help. Park in a spot that is farther from a door than you normally would. This is a great way to add walking to your daily routine. The more that you do to add exercise to your normal routine, the more success you will enjoy in keeping your get in shape resolution.

While you are dieting, you should make your meals as bland as possible. Rather than living to eat, you should be eating to live. Many families make eating the centerpiece of their get-togethers. In fact, most families come together for a big meal. It used to be that you would gather your family to eat only on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Now, every time your family gathers, you are "programmed" to eat. You can break this habit by meeting at the zoo and taking your family for a walk with the animals. Any outing that requires exercise whether it be bowling, hiking or walking is a good replacement for eating.

Begin each day with a winning attitude and make sure that you take nutritional supplements when you are dieting. You do not want your body to leech lean muscle. If you stray from your diet, don't let it derail your resolution, just start every day like it is the first day of your quest for better health. This will be the year that your New Year's resolution for better health comes true.

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