Work Related Stress

Almost half of all employees suffer health issues because of work related stress. Work related stress causes more health complaints than any other cause, including financial and familial. That is stunning. Most people believe that financial stress causes more health issues, yet, more people complain of health issues because of on the job stress. This isn't surprising if you consider how much the work place has changed in the past fifty years.

Decades ago, you would work one job all of your life. You had a pension and worked hard to keep it. Workers didn't go from job to job. Pensions are all but non-existent; you have to have a 401-K or other retirement funding if you want any hope of retirement. Let's face it, your job is not guaranteed anymore. There isn't company loyalty because of tenure. This creates stress because you are not guaranteed a job, which means you can't be certain about your ability to put food on your table.

More is expected of workers on the job, too. Today more workers work more than 40 hours per week and there is less financial compensation for it. No wonder high blood pressure, tension and migraine headaches are at an all time high. You may not know this, but it is possible to battle the effects of work related stress.

By taking a B vitamin supplement, you are arming your body's ability to battle stress. Researchers think that complex B vitamins can help your mind cope with stress, too. But it's not enough to simply take a vitamin B supplement. You will have greater success combating stress related illness if you add an exercise to your weekly routine. It is largely believed that exercise makes your brain secrete serotonin, which is the chemical that helps your body feel a sense of well being. As long as you exercise every other day, the amount of this chemical doesn't drop. Of course, if you feel depressed and have symptoms of depression, you must speak with your doctor so that he can tell you if you also need an antidepressant to help you recover from depression. Do not ignore signs of depression because it can be very debilitating.

Combining an exercise routine with a diet rich in color: yellow, orange, red and dark green vegetables and slow carbohydrates and a nutritional supplement geared to your body will help you stay healthy during times of high stress at work and at home.

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