How Much Lutein is Too Much?

Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of one’s diet. In order to have a well-rounded diet plan, one should be sure to get enough of the important vitamins and minerals which will enable optimal human functioning. One such item is lutein. Lutein is available through both natural means and supplemental means. For those who do not receive enough lutein through their regular diet may wish to obtain supplements to aid in getting the minimum amount necessary. Some may wonder how much lutein is too much for the body to handle and this topic as well as other general information relating to lutein will be described below.

What Is Lutein?

Lutein is defined as a carotenoid. A carotenoid is a fat-soluble pigment that is naturally found in plant life. They are useful in plants to protect against oxidation and ultraviolet light rays. For humans, lutein also serves a valuable purpose which is to protect against phototoxic damage. In the human being there is lutein located in the macula region of the eye and it is this item which can help to protect against macular degeneration. For this reason, individuals who do not get enough lutein in their diet may feel it desirable to use supplements to make up for this type of deficiency.

Can One Obtain Too Much Lutein?

Although natural forms of lutein and supplemental lutein products are necessary for many individuals to have, some may wonder if one can have too much lutein in their diet and what the effects may be. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how much lutein is too much as there has never really been a concrete number decided upon with regard to this item. In general, one may take up to 30 mg per day of lutein and this has been said to be an effective and safe type of dosage to take in. As for taking too much lutein, the answer is that it remains to be seen with regard to maximum allowable dosages.

Finding Out About Lutein Dosages

There are a few ways in which individuals can go about finding more information relating to lutein dosages. One should consult nutritionists and the medical community to determine if any further research has been done on lutein intake. One can also consult online resources with regard to this question and see if any new information is reported. If an individual is taking supplements, it is important to read the bottle to see how much dosage is accurate and safe as each type of supplement will vary depending on the ingredients.

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