Taking Minerals is Just as Important as Taking Vitamins

With all the talk about vitamins, it is easy to forget the importance of also making sure a person is getting enough minerals in their diet.  Yes, vitamins and minerals are two different things.  There are many different minerals that the body needs to operate at its maximum level, and most of them are found in the everyday foods we eat.  We need magnesium to maintain our cardiovascular health and support hundreds of different chemical reactions in the body, so eat some fish.  Chromium helps create insulin and works hard to help process carbs and fiber.  Chromium often goes hand in hand with vitamin C, so getting enough of the vitamin should help you get enough of the mineral.  While we need smaller doses of minerals than we do of vitamins, we still need them.  Ignoring the minerals that we need has serious health repercussions.

Are Mineral Supplements Different Than Vitamins?

Yes, vitamins and minerals are two different things and they should be treated as such.  While most health-conscious people are aware of vitamins and the need to make sure we get enough of each vitamin in our daily diet, minerals are often overlooked or ignored.  When someone hears the word “mineral” they often think of the stuff in the earth, not stuff that we eat.  And in some ways, that assessment isn’t too far off.  Minerals are the ‘harder’ part of our diet, but just as necessary.

Minerals We Need – Magnesium

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and, as such, is necessary to our over-all health.  Diets that lack the correct amount of the mineral magnesium may lead to increased cardiovascular problems and problems with the immune system.  Because magnesium is needed in hundreds of different chemical reactions in the body, it is important to eat dark green, leafy vegetables and fish, both of which contain magnesium, one of the most important minerals that we ingest!

Minerals We Need – Chromium

While humans only need a small amount of chromium in order to stay healthy, the small dosage of minerals supports some of our most important systems.  Studies have shown that chromium is used primarily in the creation of insulin and the processing of fats and carbohydrates.  To make sure you are getting enough chromium, it is important to also be getting enough vitamin C, because vitamin C helps with the absorption of chromium in the intestinal track.

Minerals Matter to Everyone

While we need a smaller dosage of minerals than we do of most vitamins, they are just as important to the safety, structure, and stability of the human body.  Without minerals, our bodies do not function properly, which can lead to a variety of health problems and diseases.  Diets that are rich in fatty foods and low in healthy foods such as fruits, lean meats, and vegetables may need a mineral supplement, much like a vitamin supplement.  It is up to you and your doctor to determine what, if any, minerals your body needs or is lacking.
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