Your Best Resources For Multivitamins With Minerals

More Than Just Vitamins

Our bodies need more than just vitamins in order to operate properly.  Along with the essential vitamins we need, there are also a number of essential minerals.  Our bodies are unable to produce these minerals ourselves but they are necessary for bodily functions.  This makes multivitamins with minerals very important.

Multivitamins With Minerals: What To Look For

When we are looking for multivitamins with minerals, it is important that we find multivitamins which include all of the basic essential minerals.  Some of these are considered macro minerals (meaning we need a lot of them), the others are trace minerals (we require very small amounts). 

The essential macro minerals are: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.  The essential trace minerals are: chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, molybdenum and selenium.  It is important to note that while these minerals are all required, they can also be very dangerous if we get too much, particularly the trace minerals.

Finding Multivitamins With Minerals

Thankfully, the task of finding multivitamins with minerals is not too terribly difficult.  The majority of multivitamins, in fact, already include the essential minerals we require as well as the essential vitamins we require.  One-a-Day, Centrum, OneSource, even most generic store brand multivitamins are going to include the minerals we need.

So how do we know which multivitamins with minerals are the best?  This is a little bit more difficult to determine.  Most of the major multivitamins, in fact, are very similar, with not too many differences between them. 

The biggest difference to be found in multivitamins with minerals, in fact, is not to be found in the essential vitamins and minerals, but rather the non-essential (but still important) minerals and nutrients.  These are minerals and nutrients whose health effects are at times not as well understood, and it can be more difficult to tell exactly how much we need in our diets.  This would include such minerals as boron, silicon, vanadium, etc.

It is also these other elements that make up the bulk of the difference in the many varieties of multivitamins with minerals (e.g. for example multivitamins for women, multivitamins for men, multivitamins for seniors, etc.).  Our essential daily requirements for the most part stay the same across the spectrum, it is on the fringes that large differences can occur. 

So how do we find the best multivitamins with minerals?  For the most part, any major multivitamin with minerals is going to service our needs.  However, if we want to get more specialized vitamins, this will not hurt us (when looking at the major over-the-counter brands).  If you are looking to start a major supplementation regime, however, you might want to consider consulting a physician first.

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