Natural Prenatal Vitamins: Getting Your Vitamins Naturally

On The Lookout For Natural Supplements

Possibly no area of the supplement world has experienced the explosive growth in recent years that is to be found among natural supplements.  Shying away from traditional synthetic supplements, natural supplements use only natural extracts.  For many women natural prenatal vitamins are seen as a safer, better alternative than the traditional synthetic prenatal vitamins.

All About Natural Prenatal Vitamins

If you looked only at the list of vitamins to be found among natural prenatal vitamins and more traditional prenatal vitamins, you might find yourself wondering exactly what all the hubbub is about.  The vitamins contained in each vitamin are just about the same, or so it would seem on the surface.

It is when you look beneath the surface that you start to see the difference that natural prenatal vitamins make.  Your normal prenatal vitamin is going to be composed of nutrients that have no natural sources.  These are simply chemical compounds that were manufactured in a laboratory somewhere.  They are synthetic vitamins, not natural.

Natural prenatal vitamins, on the other hand, utilize natural vitamin extracts all taken from completely natural sources.  That means you are getting the real McCoy.  Studies have shown that our bodies are better able to absorb natural nutrients than we are synthetic.  You might not know it but the source of vitamins is often just as important as the vitamin itself for its ability to not only be absorbed by your body but also to work within your body.

Where To Find Natural Prenatal Vitamins

Most health food stores will carry natural prenatal vitamins.  This is definitely a growing field within the prenatal vitamin world, and there are quite a lot of options to choose from out there.  However, you are less likely to find prescription strength natural prenatal vitamins, as these are much less common, if you can find them in existence at all.  If you are someone who is at high risk for certain birth defects, you might want to consider non-natural vitamins so that you can get them in prescription strength.

If there are no health food stores in your community, and nowhere else sells natural prenatal vitamins, you can also find many available online.  The Internet offers a wealth of online health food stores that have a number of high quality natural prenatal vitamins available for you during your pregnancy.

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