Why is Vitamin D Important?

The Sunshine Vitamin: Vitamin D

A fat soluble vitamin found in food, Vitamin D (cholecalcifero) can also be made in your body after exposure to UV rays from the sun. We get a lot of our Vitamin D from the sunshine, but we can also incorporate this important vitamin into our regular diet.

Why is vitamin D important?

Vitamin D is an important vitamin because it maintains normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. It also works in conjunction with other hormones, minerals, and vitamins to promote bone mineralization. This means it helps your bones to be stronger. A lack of Vitamin D can cause bones to become thin and brittle. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to skeletal diseases in children and adults. For this reason, it's understandable why Vitamin D is so important to our diets.

One common misconception regarding Vitamin D is that fortified milk is a good source of vitamin D. This is true for milk. However, milk products such as cheese and ice cream are usually not fortified with Vitamin D. The truth is that there are very few food choices that actually contain a significant amount of Vitamin D. Some examples are tuna fish, egg yolks, and pudding prepared with fortified milk.

Not everything is known about the “sunshine vitamin”. However, enough research has been compiled to confirm that the vitamin is important to maintaining strong bones. Recent research also suggests that it may help maintain a healthy immune system and help regulate cell growth. It makes sense to include it into your diet.

Keep in mind, however, that Vitamin D is some ways is very different from other vitamins. We don't primarily acquire it from food. It is something we usually take in via the sun. The problem is that if you directly avoid the sunlight, your body actually needs to take in more Vitamin D. A simple glass of fortified milk can't compare to the amount of Vitamin D you'd get from direct exposure to sunlight. Your best option is to take a dietary supplement. You owe it to yourself to treat your body right.

Why is vitamin D imporant, you ask? Because getting vitamin D means you've stopped to look up at the sun.



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