PrimaCare Prenatal Vitamins: Why So Many Doctors Prescribe This Brand

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are not something that we commonly talk about when we discuss prenatal vitamins.  However, they are the backbone of what makes PrimaCare prenatal vitamins stand out in the crowd.  EFAs are of known importance to everyone, but studies are beginning to show that they can be especially important during pregnancy.

These EFAs (such as, for example, Omega-3) provide a number of health benefits both for you and your child during pregnancy.  In fact, it has been shown that EFAs play an important role in brain development and the development of cognitive ability in your growing baby, along with a number of other important functions.

PrimaCare Prenatal Vitamins And EFAs

Generally when it comes to thinking about prenatal vitamins, EFAs are not even discussed.  Most important are nutrients such as folic acid, iron and calcium.  These are exceedinly important nutrients during pregnancy, but science is also coming to understand that essential fatty acids play a very important role as well.

PrimaCare prenatal vitamins provide the largest amounts of EFAs in any prenatal vitamin, with 360 mg of essential fatty acids per daily dose.  With the importance of EFAs during pregnancy growing, it should come as no surprise that PrimaCare is rising to the top of the prenatal vitamin pack.

Besides having the most EFAs available in any prenatal vitamin, PrimaCare prenatal vitamins also hold the prestige of being the first prenatal vitamin to include EFAs in their multivitamin/multimineral formula.  They have been providing these before anyone else and are the most trusted in the field.

Are PrimaCare Prenatal Vitamins For Me?

It is a fact that PrimaCare prenatal vitamins are some of the most trusted prenatal vitamins on the market today.  They are a leader among prenatal vitamins in general, and the leader in prenatal vitamins including essential fatty acids.

With mounting evidence that EFAs play a very important role in your baby's earliest development, more and more moms-to-be are turning to PrimaCare prenatal vitamins for their prenatal nutrition needs.  Talk with your doctor about PrimaCare prenatal vitamins and the role that essential fatty acids and prenatal vitamins should play in your pregnancy.

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