Why Your Body Needs Vitamin C

Vitamin C and your body

Vitamin C is needed for you to live. It is what keeps you growing. It helps you heal when you have a wound or are sick. It is very important for your skin, blood vessels, tendons, and many other things in your body. It helps form collagen, which is a protein that helps keep all the before mentioned things growing. Your body cannot live without vitamin C. It is a must to your everyday life. If you are not getting enough vitamin C from what you eat then you will need to take a vitamin C supplement. The best way to know if you need the extra vitamin C is to talk to your doctor.

Food sources that contain Vitamin C

You should eat foods that are rich in vitamin C everyday, in order for your body to function and grow the way it is suppose to. You should know a list of some foods that contain vitamin C. Well, of course all fruits and vegetables contain the vitamin C your body needs. Leafy greens contain a high amount of vitamin C, as well as, strawberries, white and sweet potatoes, bell pepper, and tomatoes.

The list really is a long one. Think of all the things you need to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle or when you are wanting to diet. All the things you need to eat to feel and look great. Vitamin C is in many things that you may or may not eat. If your not sure that you are getting all the vitamin C you need, then taking a supplement can help. Help your body fight those winter colds that take you by storm at times. You can do that with vitamin C. A glass of juice in the mornings can be a great way to start your day off right.

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