Why Vitamin D Is Important For Women

Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining healthy levels of blood, phosphorous and calcium. Vitamin D is so important to the body that even the skin can produce it. Perhaps one of the vitamin's greatest assets is it's role in keeping the skelton and bones strong and full of health. That comes in pretty handy for women who are at risk for developing osteoporosis later in life. Good dosages of vitamin D will go the distance will keep the bones strong and may prevent the development of osteoporosis.

Menopause is not only the culprit of hot flashes and explosive mood swings, the "change of life" also does a number on the bones. Throughout the course of life, bones go through a constant process of breaking down and rebuilding themselves again. During menopause, however, courtesy of all hormones gone haywire, more bones are broken down with out being rebuilt. 

A dominion effect occurs as menopause coupled with a lack of vitamin D creates osteoporosis, which can contribute to vitamin D deficiencies-if they didn't already exist in the woman. Vitamin D deficiencies are rapid in post-menopausal women age sixty-five and over. Only adding to the mounting reasons why vitamin D is important for women.


Osteoporosis is a disease in women featuring weak and fragile bones. Veteran actress, Sally Field, is an osteoporosis patient. Like all women with the disease, Field is at a higher risk of suffering bone fractures.

Vitamin D Deficiency

A vitamin D deficiency occurs when there isn't enough calcium or phosphorous in the bones. As aforementioned, vitamin D is paramount to maintaining these functions. Having the proper vitamin D intake can decrease the number of hip fractures in women with osteoporosis.

But go without vitamin D and you're inviting any one of the host of diseases a vitamin D deficiency can cause, including:
  • Rickets
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteomalacia-thinning of the bones

Getting Vitamin D

Not only can women get adequate amounts of vitamin D from supplements, but a nutritious diet can also do the trick. Canned tuna in oil, codliver oil, milk, an egg, and cheese are all good sources of vitamin D.

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