The Difference Between a Vitamin Supplement and a Natural Vitamin

Vitamin Supplements

A vitamin supplement is a pill that is made up of man made things. Basic what you are getting a synthetic vitamin when you take a vitamin supplement. They may not work as well as a natural vitamin, but they can be very close. These cost less than natural vitamins and that is why many buy them instead. Some vitamins are harder to make because they are complex in there chemical make up, yet researchers continue to improve these vitamins each and everyday.

Natural Vitamins

Natural vitamins are made from all things natural. When things come from the natural source they tend to be better products. Your body will absorb them better and you will get the total effect of the vitamins, which you don't always get from a vitamin supplement. The natural vitamins will cost more than a vitamin supplement, but sometimes its worth the extra cost, to know you have the real deal and not something pieced together.

It really depends on you and how much you are willing to spend on vitamins. You can get the real thing or a vitamin supplement made of synthetic items. They will all pretty much do the same thing, just one may be better than the other one. There is much talk about which one is better for you and which one is not. One company will say that natural vitamins are better because that is what they sale. You will have this problem with every company that makes and sales any type of supplement or drug. They want your business and will say whatever it takes to get you to buy their product, when the fact is that the choice is ultimately yours and yours alone. What is it going to be a vitamin supplement or a natural vitamin?

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